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"Il giro del palazzo" - Reading Francesco Montanari

60 min.
"Il giro del palazzo" - Reading Francesco Montanari

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Teatro Studio Gianni Borgna
24/10/2020 20:30

Film Synopsis
“Nothing will be the same again”, five words: nothing-will-be-the-same-again.
During the lockdown, our lives changed. Il Giro del Palazzo (A Walk Around The Building) tells the
photographic and audio-visual story, based on photographs, texts, voice and sound, of the time between
March 9th and May 4th 2020. The working-class district of the Testaccio in Rome is the stage for this
story: its walls, its inhabitants, its silent noises.
A tour within a radius of 200 metres around the home: that is the new unit of measure of our freedom
during the Covid-19 pandemic. And so we are given the chance to discover what it is we have lost. Merely
by walking around our building. The project was conceived and developed by the photographer and
author Alessandro Montanari in pictures that illustrate the lockdown and is accompanied by a biting but
never rhetorical text by the former director of the daily newspaper “LaNazione”, Giuseppe
Mascambruno. The actor Francesco Montanari (Il Libanese in the series Romanzo criminale), interprets
these words with his voice. The final result is moving and striking in its expressive intensity. On October
24th, in the space of the Teatro Studio Borgna in the Auditorium Parco della Musica, Francesco Montanari
and the duo of producers Coreless Collective will give a live performance respectively of the text and
the original soundtrack of the “Giro del Palazzo”, while images of the project will be projected behind
Credits: Curator: Valentina Galimberti, Artistic Director: Alessandro Montanari, Director And
Photographer: Alessandro Montanari, Text: Giuseppe Mascambruno, Voice: Francesco Montanari, Sound
Track: Coreless Collective, Graphic Design: Emiliano Luciani