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After Love

UK 2020 90 min. Language: English, French, Urdu, Arabian Subtitles: English
After Love
Aleem Khan
Born in 1985 in Chatham (England), of English-Pakistani heritage, Aleem Khan studied Film at the University of Westminster. In 2009 he made his directorial debut with the short film Diana. Then he directed the short films The Wayfaring Stranger (2011) and Three Brothers (2014), which received a BAFTA nomination for Best British Short Film in 2015. After Love is his first feature film. He is an alumnus of the Locarno Filmmakers Academy and of both the Sundance Screenwriter’s and Director’s Labs. He is interested in themes looking at family structure, identity and the complex relationship between South Asian notions of tradition and Western culture.

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18/10/2020 21:30
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Film Synopsis
In the port town of Dover in the south east of England, Mary Hussain, who converted to Islam when she married and is now in her early 60s, lives quietly with her husband Ahmed. Following his unexpected death, she suddenly finds herself a widow. A day after the burial, she discovers that he had a secret life just twenty-one miles away from their Dover home, across the English Channel in Calais. The shocking discovery compels her to go there to find out more.
Cast and Crew
Aleem Khan
Alexander Dynan
Gareth C. Scales
Sarah Jenneson
Nirage Mirage
Chris Roe
Matthieu De Braconier
Gabrielle Dumon, Geraldine O’Flynn
BBC Films, BFI, The Bureau Films
The Bureau Sales
Joanna Scanlan, Nathalie Richard, Talid Ariss, Nasser Memarzia, David Hecter, Seema Morar