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Cosa sarà

Italy 2020 98 min. Language: Italian Subtitles: English
Cosa sarà
Francesco Bruni
Francesco Bruni started out as a co-writer of the film Condominio by Felice Farina. He went on to co-write films by Paolo Virzì and Mimmo Calopresti. For the small screen, he adapted Andrea Camilleri’s novels for the Inspector Montalbano series. Bruni made his directorial debut with the film Easy!, which earned him a David di Donatello for Best New Director as well as the David Youth Award. He next directed the films Noi 4 and Everything You Want.

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Auditorium Sala Sinopoli
24/10/2020 19:00
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Auditorium Sala Petrassi
24/10/2020 19:30
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My Cityplex Savoy Sala 1
24/10/2020 21:30
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Film Synopsis
Bruno Salvati’s life seems to be going nowhere. His films were never hits and his producer is having trouble getting the green light on his next project. His wife, after their recent separation, already seems to found his replacement. On top of this, he has his failings as a father of his two children. Then one day Bruno learns he has leucemia. He turns to a skilled and tenacious hematologist to find a compatible stem cell donor.

DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT In March 2017 I was diagnosed with blood cancer and underwent a transplant of stem cells from my brother in February 2018. The film is based on this experience, but I made the story more complicated so it wouldn’t come off as a mere medical case report. So like my three previous films, the screenplay is partly autobiographical, with a fictional overlay.
Cast and Crew
Francesco Bruni, Kim Rossi Stuart
Carlo Rinaldi
Alessandro Heffler
Ilaria Sadun
Maria Cristina La Parola
Ratchev & Carratello
Gianluca Costamagna
Carlo Degli Esposti, Nicola Serra
Palomar, Vision Distribution
Vision Distribution
Vision Distribution
Cast Kim Rossi Stuart, Lorenza Indovina, Barbara Ronchi, Giuseppe Pambieri, Raffaella Lebboroni, Fotinì Peluso