L' Uomo senza Gravità

Italy, Belgium 108 min. Language: Italian, English, French Subtitles: Italian
L' Uomo senza Gravità
Marco Bonfanti
Marco Bonfanti was born in Milan on August 9, 1980. A director of multi-award-winning short films and documentaries, in 2011 he pulled off a feat that made headlines around the world, bringing a flock of over 700 sheep to the Piazza del Duomo in Milan. It was a scene from L’Ultimo Pastore, a documentary that became a sensation in Italy and abroad, winning multiple awards at over 100 festivals. L’Uomo senza Gravità is his first narrative feature.

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Film Synopsis
Oscar is born on a stormy night, and right away it’s clear there’s something extraordinary about him: he doesn’t obey the laws of gravity. He floats in the air as light as a feather, to the amazement of his mother and grandmother, who decide to keep him hidden from view. Only little Agata knows his secret, until the day when Oscar decides it’s time to tell the world about “the man without gravity”.

DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT Oscar is a man who suffers from “lightness of being”. Despite his having a special power, L’Uomo senza Gravità is no super-hero movie as we think of them today; it’s the story of a simple man, pure and light (in every sense of the word), who wants to be accepted by an all too heavy world. A tale walking a tightrope between fairy tale and reality.
Cast and Crew
Marco Bonfanti, Giulio Carrieri
Michele D’Attanasio
Giogiò Franchini, Sarah McTeigue
Tonino Zera
Fiorenza Cipollone
Danilo Caposeno
Gaetano Carito
Isabella Spinelli, Anna Godano
Isaria Productions, Zagora
Climax Films
Elio Germano, Michela Cescon, Elena Cotta, Silvia D’Amico, Vincent Scarito, Pietro Pescara