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Addio Fottuti Musi Verdi (Adios Freakin' Monsters from Venus)

Italy | 2017 | 93 min. | Colour
Addio Fottuti Musi Verdi (Adios Freakin' Monsters from Venus)
Francesco Ebbasta
Francesco Ebbasta, stage name of Francesco Capaldo, was born in Naples on July the 20, 1986. He graduated from Scienze delle Comunicazioni at Suor Orsola Benincasa University. Since childhood, he started to get into videomaking and directing. In 2005 he found, with Ruzzo Simone (Simone Russo), Alfredo Felco (Alfredo Felaco), and Gianluca Cozzolino, The Jackal s.r.l., Neapolitan video production company. At the moment he is also director and art director of the company. Between several productions, for web and television, in 2011 he directed the web-series Lost in Google, first interactive experiment with the public, while in the 2014 the action short The Parker, with over 668000 views on YouTube. He also directed the trilogy series Gli effetti di Gomorra sulla gente. In 2016, The Jackal produced and distributed on YouTube the short 30 anni, viewed by almost 3 millions of users. His debuting feature, Addio fottuti musi verdi, has been produced by The Jackal and Cattleya and ditributed by 01 Distribution.

The Jackal is an indipendent movie production company based on Naples, focused on video, webseries and commercials. It’s a group of friends since childhood, with the passion for cinema, that in 2006 started the videomaker’s collective, nowadays very popular on web.

The Jackal reached success with sci-fi webseries Lost in Google, immediately popular on YouTube and winning awarded in severals festivals: Festival dell’Immaginario di Perugia 2012, Gran Galà del Cinema 2013 and Golden Grall 2013. Followed by many others such as Gli effetti di Gomorra sulla gente, famous Sky tv series’ satire; Mash-Up!, produced with Rai Fiction, where they laugh at some well-kown Italian tv shows; Gay Ingenui, Vrenzole and the summer hit Gli effetti di Despacito sulla gente. The public acclaim on web follows their first feauture Addio fottuti musi verdi, that has been produced by Cattleya and Rai Cinema and directed by Francesco Capaldo alias Francesco Ebbasta.
Auditorium Sala Sinopoli
01/11/2017, 17:00
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Cinema Admiral
02/11/2017, 18:30
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Film Synopsis
Leave or stay. Follow your own dreams or accept any job. Of any kind. And moreover, is it easier to find a job in Italy or in the space?
After the success of Gay Ingenui, Lost in Google, Gli effetti di Gomorra sulla gente, The Jackal comes on the big screen with a compelling fanta-comedy. Ciro, the protagonist, is an overqualified advertising graphic, specialized in doors on him and collector of failures. After he’s tried everything, he sets out to take part in a contest and to send his resume even to the aliens. After all, they will never reply. Instead…
Addio fottuti musi verdi reveals creative group’s surrealist charge and irreverent humour: Naples, spaceships, aliens and special effects.
An odyssey on earth and space, to tell a story about love and friendship, but moreover about the will of express your own talent and make your own dreams come true. Everywhere and at any price. Because the ways of the space have no limits.
Ciro Priello, Simone Ruzzo, Fabio Balsamo, Beatrice Arnera, Alfredo Felco, Roberto Zibetti, Fortunato Cerlino, Salvatore Esposito