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42nd Street

USA | 1942 | 89 min. | B/W
42nd Street
Lloyd Bacon
After acting with Broncho Billy and serving as Charlie Chaplin's sidekick in the 1910s, from 1926 to 1954 he made over 100 feature films. In 1928, he directed The Singing Fool, the second sound film in the history of cinema. His two films 42nd Street and Footlight Parade, made in 1933, marked a turning point in the evolution of the musical, with the fundamental contribution of choreographer Busby Berkeley. A great film craftsman, his work in the years that followed ranged across a variety of genres, from the western (The Oklahoma Kid, 1939), the gangster movie (Marked Woman, 1937, Brother Orchid, 1940), war films (Action in the North Atlantic, 1943, The Sullivans, 1944) to comedy (It Happens Every Spring, 1949).
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29/10/2017, 16:00
Film Synopsis
"Francesco Zippel's pick"

Despite his economic problems and poor health, Julian Marsh, an ill-tempered theatre director, is able to produce a new Broadway musical, 'Pretty Lady'. During the five weeks of rehearsals, he has to keep the star of the show, showgirl Dorothy Brock and her many lovers and suitors, at bay. The night before the opening, Dorothy injures herself, and Julian has to fall back on a chorus line dancer, Peggy Sawyer, the newest member of the cast.
W. Baxter, R. Keeler, B. Powell, G. Rogers