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Tout nous sépare (All That Divides Us)

France | 2017 | 99 min. | Colour
Tout nous sépare (All That Divides Us)
Film Synopsis
In a coastal city between Sète and Perpignan, a mother and daughter in a troubled relationship, grappling with disability and drug addiction, get mixed up in a story of blackmail by dangerous criminals. The mother has to break with her solitary, isolated, bourgeois existence to take up arms to defend her daughter.

After His Mother’s Eyes, I wanted to write for Catherine Deneuve again. It wasn’t long before I got the idea of a woman who would take up arms to protect her daughter, a warrior who would defend her territory at all costs. But instead of telling her the story, I referred to actresses we both love – Barbara Stanwyck, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Joan Bennett, Ann Sheridan. In today’s world, what kind of heroines would they be? What image of woman would they project? How would they still inspire our fascination today? I started imagining her burning a car in the middle of the night, or picking up an old hunting rifle to ward off dangerous trespassers, a vision a bit like Gena Rowlands in Gloria, by John Cassavetes - strong-willed, powerful and courageous. Yet not quite as straightforward as she seems to be.