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Spain, France, Belgium | 2017 | 96 min. | Colour
Film Synopsis
Carmen lives on the outskirts of Madrid with her husband Carlos (Antonio de la Torre). She’s an ordinary housewife who’s devoted to her family and he’s a construction worker and soccer fan who lives and breathes for Real Madrid. One day their routine lives change forever. At a wedding reception Carmen’s cousin Pepe, an amateur hypnotist, gives a demonstration. He asks for a volunteer from the audience and a skeptical Carlos agrees. The next morning Carlos starts behaving strangely - something went wrong and now he’s possessed by a spirit. Together the cousins begin a surreal, comical investigation to bring him back, while Carmen starts to feel curiously attracted to her “new” husband.

I saw my first hypnotism show in a small club over thirty years ago. I went with a friend who was totally skeptical but he volunteered to participate. To my surprise, and especially to his, he was hypnotized instantly like a lightning bolt. Ever since then I’m a believer, just like the Monkees song.