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Spain, France, Belgium | 2017 | 96 min. | Colour
Pablo Berger
Pablo Berger is the renowned Spanish director of one of the most remarkable and original films of recent European Cinema, the Spanish-French coproduction Blancanieves. Among other distinctions, it won 10 Goya awards in 2013 and the Ariel award for best Ibero-American Film in 2013, as well the Silver Shell award for Best Actress and the Special Jury Prize at the San Sebastian Film Festival. Blancanieves was the official Spanish selection for Best Foreign Film in the 2013 Oscars and was nominated at the 2014 César award for best foreign film. The film won the Best European Costume Design award. His debut film, Torremolinos 73, received 4 Goya nominations and won several national and international prizes. In 2015, Pablo Berger was made a Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters by the French government.
Auditorium Sala Petrassi
28/10/2017, 20:00
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Auditorium Teatro Studio G. Borgna
29/10/2017, 15:00
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My Cityplex Europa
30/10/2017, 20:00
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Film Synopsis
Carmen lives on the outskirts of Madrid with her husband Carlos (Antonio de la Torre). She’s an ordinary housewife who’s devoted to her family and he’s a construction worker and soccer fan who lives and breathes for Real Madrid. One day their routine lives change forever. At a wedding reception Carmen’s cousin Pepe, an amateur hypnotist, gives a demonstration. He asks for a volunteer from the audience and a skeptical Carlos agrees. The next morning Carlos starts behaving strangely - something went wrong and now he’s possessed by a spirit. Together the cousins begin a surreal, comical investigation to bring him back, while Carmen starts to feel curiously attracted to her “new” husband.

I saw my first hypnotism show in a small club over thirty years ago. I went with a friend who was totally skeptical but he volunteered to participate. To my surprise, and especially to his, he was hypnotized instantly like a lightning bolt. Ever since then I’m a believer, just like the Monkees song.
Maribel Verdù, Antonio de la Torre, José Mota, José Marìa Pou, Quim Gutiérrez, Priscilla Delgado, Juliàn Villagràn, Javivi