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Al final del túnel (At the End of the Tunnel)

Argentina, Spain | 2016 | 120 min. | Colour
Al final del túnel (At the End of the Tunnel)
Film Synopsis
Joaquín is confined to a wheelchair, but his life seems to take a turn for the better when he rents a room to Berta and her daughter Betty. One night while he’s working in the basement, he realizes that a gang of burglars are digging a tunnel under his house in order to break into the bank next door. If that wasn’t bad enough, he then learns that the woman he has rented his room to is one of the burglars. As Joaquín starts to work out a plan to to foil the burglars’ scheme, he realizes he is not only in grave danger; he is also in love.

DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT I wanted to work on a different genre to the one I did in my two previous movies. The first thing I did was sitting down at a bar during long hours in order to think. Take notes. Mix ideas. In this way I came out with the idea of this movie, a thriller and suspense movie with an oppressing vibe inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories, about a house inhabited by ghosts of the recent past and burglars. The tunnel where Joaquin and his “enemies” deep into, gives the name to the movie, and works as a labyrinth for the main characters, where they will have to choose between life and death. The cinematography based on light and darkness represents the atmosphere of the story and reinforces the oppression of the house. On the final scenes the real darkness of the house will be shown. The intensity of the blackness will be solid in order to increase the feeling of danger and tension. The sound will support the suspense vibe, outstanding the paranoid and threats that chase the main characters. My purpose as a director is maintaining the thrilling vibe during two hours. However, after those two hours I want to remain a positive experience on the audience.

Leonardo Sbaraglia, Federico Luppi, Clara Lago, Pablo Echarri, Javier Godino